We at the National Centre for Jute Diversification stand to serve the enterprising citizens to evolve and gain from the support schemes provided from time to time by the Government of India towards jute diversification and thereby help in setting up production units, creating employment and market for jute diversified products.






 Remembering at all times that we are rendering service to our country and its citizens.

 Acting with integrity and judiciousness, transparency and accountability, courtesy and understanding.

 Optimum use of scarce resources with the help of modern technology and management practices.






National Centre for Jute Diversification assists beneficiaries through

Dissemination of available technologies and project profiles for setting-up production units for manufacture of jute diversified products.
Skill development through training and demonstration.
Product development and product design by engaging specialists in the field and specialised institutions.
Awareness for propagation of the opportunities available in jute diversification and market creation.
Facilitating entrepreneurs in establishing linkage with the market.
Extending such appropriate financial and non-financial assistance to entrepreneurs and Non-Government Organisations as necessitated for promotion of jute and jute diversification activities.
Maintaining a calendar of events for training on production of jute diversified products and also marketing events that National Centre for Jute Diversification is likely to organise or participate.
National Centre for Jute Diversification is committed to make available jute and jute related raw material at locations of convenience, as far as possible, to artisans, entrepreneurs, craftpersons engaged in jute diversification activity.






National Centre for Jute Diversification undertakes activities that are directed towards assisting entrepreneurs, craftpersons, artisans, buyers and Non-Government Organisations in skill development, awareness, technology dissemination and thereafter linking them to the market to sell their products.






 Ready information on prospect and possibilities with jute in the field of jute diversification.

 Arranging demonstration & training on manufacture of certain jute diversified products.

 Linking entrepreneurs to research institutions for engagement of knowledge and information on technology and process.

 Providing escort services for setting up production units.

 Making raw jute and jute yarn available at locations convenient to small entrepreneurs, artisans, weavers, Non-Government Organisations.

 Facilitating market linkage.



National Centre for Jute Diversification does not normally charge anything for the non-financial services that it renders to beneficiaries. However, in areas where extending financial assistance is concerned the maximum amount of cost to be borne by an entrepreneur is 1% of the amount that is sought for as assistance.







We at National Centre for Jute Diversification are committed in maintaining promptness, efficiency, sincerity, transparency and judiciousness in our actions and decisions.

All communications received by us are instantly attended to and reponded under due acknowledgements in writing.

National Centre for Jute Diversification maintains a list of activities that have been undertaken in the past and those that are forthcoming. Any entrepreneur seeking to participate in any of the activities forthcoming is requested to register with the Jute Service Centre or the Head Office for consideration in due time. Those entrepreneurs or organisations that have placed their applications or have submitted project proposals for seeking assistance shall be informed of the status from time to time.

We at National Centre for Jute Diversification are committed to provide quality service to all beneficiaries and continually seek to improve on the basis of the feedback that we have receive from our beneficiaries. We have a group of committed resource persons at the field level attached to various Jute Service Centres who are assigned to look into and satisfy to the best of our ability the interests of entrepreneurs.

Any person visiting us at the Head Office or the Regional Office or any of the Jute Service Centres may expect a patient hearing with an attitude from the concerned person of problem solving. In lines with the requirements National Centre for Jute Diversification will guide him/her through the various options available to avail the services of the centre.






We are committed to act upon any complaint/suggestion/ grievance in quickest possible time.

Activities of the employees in official and public dealings, financial or otherwise are transparent and are strictly monitored with checks effected in areas warranting surveillance.

Shri S. Pal, Secretary is designated as Public Grievance Redressal Officer, who is accessible to the public at National Centre for Jute Diversification's Head Office.
Grievances are attended to by written communication.


How to Communicate ?
 (033) 2356 3269 / 2356 3373 or Fax at: 2356 1270
 Executive Director : (033) 2356 9818
 Public Grievance Officer (033) 2356 3373



The above Charter is subject to review any time when, base on feedback, performance and field reality, the provisions enshrined herein may be suitably amended.







We solicit response from entrepreneurs, Non-Government Organisations, traders, exporters, seeking information, assistance, linkage, facilitation or reproach which will be responded to promptly.

The beneficiaries in turn may ensure that their requests for services are conveyed to National Centre for Jute Diversification. Any information sought by any person shall be furnished forthwith.